The luxurious feel of carpet

There’s simply nothing as luxurious under your feet as a nice soft carpet. It lends a warmth and hominess to your dwelling that few other floor coverings can, and there certainly isn’t anything any better for a home with small children.

What is it about carpet that makes it so soft and comforting? Well, you can chalk that up to the fibers. There are many different fibers to choose from, each with a different set of characteristics that will make one a better fit for your home and lifestyle than others will be.

At Delair’s Carpet & Flooring, we want you to know exactly what you’re getting when you choose a floor covering. That’s why we’re going to discuss some of the key components here with you today. If you still have questions afterwards, or if you’d like to stop by and see our full line of flooring for yourself, we invite you to stop by our showroom, located in East Montpelier, Vermont. We not only service East Montpelier, but also Montpelier, Stowe and Waterbury as well.

The different carpet fibers

Nylon is probably the most popular fiber in the United States, with superior durability, great resiliency, yarn memory that holds a twist very well, resistance to abrasions and stains and it also manages to hide dirt fairly well. When an anti-static treatment is applied, static is reduced quite a bit, and shedding is reduced with the use of continuous filament.

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Choosing the right hardwood species

When you narrow your flooring choices down to hardwood, you still aren’t out of the woods yet as far as decisions go. There are still quite a few things to think about including which wood species you’d like, what type and color of stain you want, and what type of finish will work best for your own home.

You’ll want to choose the species wisely, as they each have different characteristics that will make some better suited for your needs than others are. For instance, if your home has a lot of traffic in the room you’re looking to have wood floors installed in, then you certainly don’t want to choose a soft species.

Delair’s Carpet & Flooring has just what you need when it comes to wood floors, and we’ll help you find exactly what suits your own personal needs. We proudly service the areas of East Montpelier, Montpelier, Stowe and Waterbury, with a showroom located in East Montpelier. We invite you to stop by with any questions that you might have, or to take a look at our extensive line of wood floor possibilities.

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Facts to consider about sheet vinyl

Many homeowners walk on by the opportunity to learn more about sheet vinyl, primarily because they don’t have all the facts on today’s vinyl floor coverings. Today, we hope to alleviate that situation for those of you reading this, by sharing a few details about this particular material. Not only is it a gorgeous choice in flooring, but it can also give you a little more protection when it comes to spills.

Delair’s Carpet & Flooring has over 35 years of experience in the business, with a strict dedication to 100% customer service. In addition, we offer an extensive line of flooring materials at affordable prices, and flooring specialists you can trust. We offer free flooring estimates, which you can schedule when you visit our East Montpelier, VT showroom location. In addition to the areas of East Montpelier, Montpelier, Stowe, and Waterbury, we also look forward to serving you as well.

Sheet vinyl is more than you think

In years past, one of the cheapest flooring materials you could purchase was linoleum or other sheet-type flooring. These floor coverings were affordably cheap, but they were also a cheap product. That means they would often tear easily, and wore out quicker than materials of a higher quality. If you that’s what you see when you think of sheet vinyl, you’ll want to think again.

Today’s sheet vinyl will rival just about any other floor covering, and has a wealth of benefits. Its construction offers great performance, with a protective top layer in place as well. That top layer is responsible for resisting stains, fading, spills, and all the everyday wear and tear your family can dish out. You might not see nearly as many scuffs and scratches as with your old flooring, and it’s just as easy to keep clean.

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Take a moment to consider waterproof flooring

Did you know, waterproof flooring has so many options in so many areas, that it could be the one floor covering that meets all your needs? You’ll be surprised at just how many different décor schemes can be complemented by this material, and yours is likely to be one of them. From looks to performance, this flooring scores high points across the board for an amazing overall homeowner rating.

Delair’s Carpet & Flooring not only has a wide variety of floor coverings, we also offer affordable prices and trustworthy experience you can count on. Our dedication to customer service shows in our five star rating, and we’d love for you to visit us at our East Montpelier, VT showroom. From there, we service the areas of East Montpelier, Montpelier, Stowe, and Waterbury. We’d love to add you to our list of satisfied customers as well.

Waterproof varieties you won’t want to miss

One very popular choice in waterproof flooring is luxury vinyl. Not only is this the only flooring that is truly impervious to water on any scale, but it’s also the choice for those who want a variety of different looks. Luxury vinyl has often been the choice for those who want their floors to look like all natural materials, such as solid wood, tile, and stone. On the other hand, you can also choose vinyl that has beautifully patterned colors and designs.

Other waterproof floor coverings include laminate, tile, and some stone materials. While there are a variety of different options in the material, one thing is sure. You’ll have a brand new level of peace of mind with any of these floors in place. Spills, moisture, humidity and temperature changes have no bearing at all on these floors, so they will literally be right at home in any room. Below grade spaces, where floorings such as hardwood will never work, are a perfect placement for these materials.

Installation of these materials is no problem for a dedicated installation team. While some of them are much quicker to install, some might take a bit more time. Either way, you will be thrilled with the results, as they are also easy to keep clean and maintain, once the installation is over. In fact, years from now, you’ll still be glad you checked out this article and took another look at waterproof flooring.

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Why you need to consider luxury vinyl

There are many different floorings you might think of when you hear the word “luxury” and vinyl can be one of them! Most people envision something like solid hardwood, natural stone, marble or even granite when they think of high end, luxury spaces. The great news is, you can have any of those looks you want, just by choosing luxury vinyl flooring, or LVF!

Thanks to the technology that allows for 3D printing of the image layer, or the layer that gives you the look and texture of the flooring, you’ll be surprised with the final product. Better still, you won’t have to worry about high maintenance, or having to take extra care with the traffic, and possibility of spills or stain-causing agents on your floor.

At Delair’s Carpet & Flooring, we want you to have a floor that you not only love, but that works well for your every need. And we’ll make sure that’s exactly what you get. We service the areas of East Montpelier, Montpelier, Stowe and Waterbury, with a showroom that’s located in East Montpelier, Vermont. We invite you to stop by our showroom at your convenience with any questions that you might have, or to just have a look at the flooring we offer in this line.

The benefits of luxury vinyl flooring

There are lots of reasons to choose luxury vinyl for your own home. As we’ve already mentioned, it can look like many of the most popular natural floor coverings on the market today. That means you’ll be able to match just about any décor with this one floor covering.

LVF can also be placed in many of the places that these natural resources cannot be placed. The basement is one place we know that hardwood, for instance, simply can’t be installed. However, vinyl makes a great choice for that room.

It’s also a floor covering that is incredibly durable, and able to withstand a great deal of regular, everyday wear and tear. This is primarily because of the protective layer on top of the flooring. Furthermore, the thicker this layer, the more protection you get.You’ll be happy to find out that it is resistant to stains, spills, moisture, scuffs and scratches.

You’ll also love the fact that luxury vinyl flooring is easy to clean up. Simply sweep up the loose dirt and debris, or use a vacuum, and then follow up with a mop dampened with warm water.

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